Milk Questions

Weird and wonderful questions about milk 
Type ‘milk’ into google and you’ll get about 1 trillion hits!  

People are curious and just like you, we love finding more out about the goodness of milk every day. That’s why we’ve taken the most popular questions asked on google and found the best answers for you. From which milk is best for you, to which milk is best for your pet; find out all the answers here and more.

Why is milk white?

It’s a tough question, so here’s one of our experts to explain the answer. Fonterra’s Principal Research Scientist, Sheelagh Hewitt, says it all comes down to how milk reflects light.

Can our pets drink milk?

It’s a common belief cats and dogs love milk – probably driven by the fact they’ll often gulp it down at the slightest of chances.

But while they may like the taste of milk, it isn’t necessarily the best treat for them according to veterinarian and farmer Emma Riley.

Tea or milk first?

For as long as people have been drinking tea there’s been a debate over whether the milk or the tea goes in the cup first. So which is it?

Milk & dairy myths busted

When most people think about dairy, their first thought may be that it is a source of calcium, and that it’s good for strong bones. Others however, hold fairly different opinions when it comes to the health benefits of dairy.

Here are 6 milk & dairy myths busted!

Will milk hydrate you?

While water would appear to be the obvious way to rehydrate, research has shown milk to be as effective as some sports drinks and even superior to water, to rehydrate.

Milk and your immune system

Is it possible to boost your immune system? What if you improve your diet? Make other lifestyle changes in the hope of producing the best immune response?

We believe there’s so much goodness in milk that it’s like a true super food!