Anchor Pop-up Shop Appears on Qingdao International Beer Festival


12 Beers with Milk Cover Ignite Beverage Market this Summer.

Today, Fonterra food service brand “Anchor Food Professionals”(referred to as “Anchor” below) appears on the 2019 Qingdao International Beer Festival with a pop-up shop.

It also launches the innovative drink of beer with milk cover with partners like Tsingtao Beer and MONIN Syrup, which indicates that Anchor enters alcoholic beverage field when constantly making efforts on tea drinking field.

It is reported that in the “2019 most popular top ten drinks” list, alcoholic beverages take up three. In the drinks industry where innovation and transboundary become normal, alcoholic beverages are igniting new creation.

Anchor launches the single item of beer with milk cover, and with the combination of beer and milk cover, the smooth dairy is added into the refreshing beer, producing a fresh and exotic taste.

In the activity, Anchor released 12 different types of beer with milk cover with Tsingtao Beer and MONIN Syrup, all having gorgeous appearance and themed upon classic movies, including “Roman Summer”, “Magic Butter Beer” and “Star Blast”. It can be said a perfect combination of taste, appearance and mass culture.

Chinese foodservice market is changing rapidly, and we can only set the trend by innovating constantly. Anchor is not only committed to providing qualified dairy products for our partners but also is dedicated to developing new products with them to better meet the changing needs of Chinese consumers.

Christina Zhu, President of Fonterra Greater China

The series of new products will be introduced in major Chinese and Western leisure restaurants, bars, tea shops and hotpot chain stores around China, pushing alcoholic beverages to a wider area and also providing consumers with cross-channel and full-time consumption experience.

Fonterra Anchor is crowned as “Invisible Champion” in the dairy industry of China’s foodservice field, committing to promoting transboundary and innovation of Chinese foodservice industry.

Besides, Anchor, with its qualified products, leading innovations, is setting the trend of consumption by coordinating various partners in the industry. Popular products like tea macchiato, muddy bun, cheese shrimp ball are all from innovative dairies of Anchor in recent years.