Rapid response keeps milk flowing from farm to factory


When the coronavirus pandemic hit, we rapidly responded to keep our people safe, our milk collections going and our products on supermarket shelves.

It hasn’t always been easy, but by putting new systems and processes in place, we’ve been able to keep business operations running smoothly.

Fonterra Tanker driver Rob Falconer has been collecting milk from our farms for more than 13 years and he and our team of tanker drivers adapted quickly to the new processes and kept the milk flowing from farm to factory.

He says the additional safety regulations put in place due to COVID-19 have ensured the continuity of milk collection.

“We’re an essential service, so no matter what, we have to pick up the milk.

“In the morning, we completely sanitise the truck for the change of drivers; the gear stick, dash, handrails – everywhere we touch – and then head off on our run from farm to farm.

“We sanitise the area before and after we pump the milk out of the tanker and keep socially-distanced from anyone we come across on the farm.”

Rob says the new processes have become second nature and are just part of the job now.

“It’s become routine now and sanitising is a really important part of it; when we’re out on the field you come into contact with so many different things.”

Rob says the systems and processes that have been put in place, have made him feel at ease about going to work in the current environment.

“It’s good to know that safety is the organisation’s number one priority, it makes you feel more comfortable about doing your job.

“I’m confident we’re doing all we can to manage the situation appropriately and ensure milk is collected when it needs to be.”