Helping the Bostock Creek CFA protect communities 


A new ultra-light tanker will soon join the Bostock Creek CFA’s fire-fighting fleet, thanks to a contribution from Fonterra and a grant from the Victorian Government.

The much-needed light tanker will arrive nearly one year after the St Patrick’s Day fires, which affected farmers and communities in western Victoria, including over 60 of our farmers.

Bostock Creek Brigade Leader and Fonterra Camperdown farmer, Lance Robilliard, said the donation is helping future proof the brigade so it can protect its surrounding communities including Cobden, Carpendeit, Jancourt, Glenfyne, Cobrico and Ecklin.

“We undertook an extensive review of the St Patrick’s Day fires, looking at the types of equipment we needed to allow us to do our job better.

“We found that this type of tanker is ideal for the conditions we operate in – it’s small and much more compact, meaning we will be able to fight fires in more remote and steep areas, like farms where access is difficult, and helps to contain fires sooner,” said Lance. 

Jocelyn Bevin, Fonterra Western Victoria Area Manager experienced first-hand how important local CFA’s are in keeping communities safe after her, and her husband Stuart, farm was impacted by the fires last year.

“The Bostock Creek CFA and its volunteers, were heavily involved in fighting the fires, protecting our staff, our farmers and our communities - we’re incredibly proud of the work they do and are pleased to be able to give back.

“It’s a small thing for us, that will make a difference in helping reduce the impact of fires to land, livestock and houses, which in turn will mean stronger, better financial outcomes for our farmers and local communities,” says Jocelyn.

The vehicle will also be used by CFA volunteers to deliver school and community programs that aim to promote fire awareness and the importance of home fire safety plans.