Creating belonging and embracing difference in our business


Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand and at Fonterra we care about being an inclusive and diverse place to work, where everyone can be themselves and be their best in everything they do. 

We break diversity and inclusion down to the basics – embracing differences and creating a sense of belonging – you can’t have one without the other.

Thinking of it in this simple way means we know we can act in this space and as a business we will be doing a lot more work around this.

To support the work we’re doing, we’ve recently appointed Suzie Grey as our Head of Talent, Inclusion, and Diversity. She will drive strategies to make sure we build on our already strong workplace culture.

Suzie Grey is passionate about creating inclusive and diverse workplaces and says businesses can unlock more potential when they have the right mindset.

“Our business already has a strong culture but there is always room for improvement.

“We want to amplify this focus to drive a more inclusive culture where our employees feel a strong sense of belonging and psychological safety to share different perspectives,” says Suzie.

Along with the newly created role, we’re also partnering with Diversity Partners, one of Australia's leading consulting firms guiding organisations to achieve more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

“Diversity Partners has supported hundreds of businesses across the country to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces through education and strategy support, and we’re excited about the journey ahead and what more we can be doing.”

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we held a panel discussion with Diversity Partners CEO Dr. Katie Spearritt, as well as other leaders from across our business.

“This was a great session where our people heard senior leaders share stories and talk about their light bulb moments when they chose to challenge the status quo.

“They also touched on the need for diversity in all elements of our business, including diversity of thought and experience, and how this enables us to work better together and future-proof our business,” says Suzie.

With Suzie at the head of Talent, Inclusion, and Diversity within our business, and our new partnership with Diversity Partners, we look forward to sharing what else we’re doing in this space.