Fonterra GC has been awarded as one of the Great Place to Work®


In 2019, Fonterra GC has been awarded as one of the Great Place to Work® ‘Certified’ organizations in Greater China for the first time by Great Place to Work® Institute.

This is to recognize that:

  • Credibility, respect and fairness are expressed in our workplace;

  • The levels of pride and camaraderie in our environment are high;

Positive results in the assessment of organization’s value system, programs and practices throughout Hiring, Sharing, Celebrating, Inspiring, Listening, Speaking, Thanking, Developing and Caring.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work®, headquarters in San Francisco, USA, is the global authority in building, sustaining and recognizing high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures and one of the world’s largest and most respected sets of studies of workplace excellence, management and the role of trust in workplace culture.

Methodology for Great Place to Work® certification:

Great Place to Work® analysts assess organisations and select great workplaces based on two assessment tools:

  1. Trust Index© Employee Survey;
  2. Culture Audit© Management Questionnaire

To qualify for the certification, an organization must get: 1) 70% or higher in the Trust Index survey, with a minimum of 70% participation of all the employees invited. We have received a score of 80% with 82% participation rate of employees invited to the survey voluntarily and anonymously. 2) 120 out of 250 points in the Culture Audit. We achieved 152.5 points.

More details for your reference:

  1. Trust Index survey consists of 58 global standard statement + 2 open-ended questions. Measurement falls into five categories or dimensions: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. 

  2. Culture Audit is comprised of a series of open-ended questions to share organization’s philosophy and practices in 9 different areas: Hiring, Sharing, Celebrating, Inspiring, Listening, Speaking, Thanking, Developing and Caring, in which we need to submit the relevant practices, policies and processes that we offer to our employees in the company. All policies and practices described in the Culture Audit® are assessed following the VOAHI (varied, original, inclusive, with a human touch and integrated) Methodology, with supporting materials provided to the assessors for further verification. Our HR team prepared and submitted the required answers and evidence materials.

Being certified as a Great Place to Work not only recognises our organization with excellent workplace culture and working environment but also reflects the trust our colleagues cast on our organisation and the pride in working in Fonterra.

This encouraging certification shows that we are on the right track in building a great workplace. We will keep the momentum and make Fonterra an even better place to work.