In the community

We are committed to our communities
For more than 40 years, Fonterra has been deeply committed to the public welfare in China, sharing the goodness of dairy products, and contributing to the development of China's dairy industry.
People & Culture

We are working together to care for people and make a positive social impact.

Fonterra delivers superior products and other materials to care for people in our communities: 

Donation for COVID-19

Donation in Henan province 


We are working together to achieve a healthy environment for farming and society.

Working together to achieve a healthy environment by addressing land, water and climate issues​:

Public Welfare Tree Planting Event 

Working together

We are working together to deliver a sustainable business.

Working together to deliver economic opportunity by supporting communities and leveraging opportunities that enhance regional economic prosperity:

Cooperation for Sustainability Low Carbon Initiative

At the heart of our communities


Fonterra has actively carried out charitable activities in China, promote rural revitalization, donation for epidemic 

Established educational funds, making contributions to the sustainable development of talents.

Ten million Donations against Epidemic
Donation for Henan Disaster Areas
Rural Maternal and Infant Healthcare & the Fonterra Scholarship
Low-Carbon Action

Anchor’s Kids Painting Contest of Nature 

In 2021, Anchor, Shanghai Youth International Cultural Exchange Center, children's palace of China Welfare Association and Nanjing Youth Palace jointly launched Anchor's Kids Painting Contest of Nature, which aims to combine environmental protection ideas with children's creativity. 

At the event, 40 groups of families selected from more than 6000 families who signed up to elaborate their environmental protection concept together on the stage. The event ran in more than 10 provinces and cities, attracted the active participation of nearly 200 schools and 6000 people, and received a total of 2,368 works. 

Many families said that the parent-child collaborative painting experience helped them appreciate the "super power" of nature in a more unique way and further strengthened their desire to contribute to environmental protection.