Our commitment to nutrition


Fonterra has reviewed the Inside our Food and Beverage Manufacturers Australia report prepared by Deakin University.

As a global dairy company, Fonterra is committed to delivering high quality dairy nutrition. We recognise the world is faced with significant nutrition problems at different ends of the spectrum; poor quality diets leading to nutritional deficiencies or obesity - and sometimes both. These are problems we want to help solve.

Dairy is considered a ‘’good for you” food and is one of the five core food groups recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Despite this, research shows that 9 out of 10 Australians don’t consume the recommended serves of dairy each day1 and over 50 per cent of Australians aged over two years do not get the required amount of calcium.2

In Australia and New Zealand, we employ a team of dietitians, nutritionists, scientists and food technologists committed to providing our consumers with access to a choice of products, to meet their various nutrition requirements.

Recently, we launched Fonterra’s Global Nutrition Guidelines in Australia. These guidelines include limits on total fat and added sugars, as well as having energy limits per serve. Together with the introduction of these guidelines, we have announced clear targets to ensure our products deliver a high standard of dairy nutrition while limiting nutrients of concern such as added sugars and refined carbohydrates.

We are involved in several initiatives to improve nutrition policy and promotion in Australia, including representation on the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership Food Service Working Group. You can read more about this initiative here.

We are firmly committed to responsible marketing and labelling of dairy foods, and follow all relevant guidelines and policies. You can learn more about these guidelines here.

While we have taken firm action to help improve the health and nutrition of our Australian consumers, we acknowledge the opportunity for us to be more transparent in our nutrition policies and initiatives.

We are taking steps to make this information more readily accessible to our Australian consumers, and look forward to further collaborating with public health and industry bodies on how we can continue to promote nutritious dairy foods as an important part of a healthy, balanced diet for all Australians.

For more information on Fonterra’s sustainability and nutrition credentials, please visit: https://www.fonterra.com/nz/en/what-we-stand-for/sustainability.html