Bridging the gap between food waste and food insecurity: Fonterra marks 2.5 million kilos of dairy donated to hunger relief


Fonterra is playing its part to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity as it marks its latest donation milestone with Foodbank, today. 

This comes as Australia wastes around $20 billion worth of food each year, despite 3.6 million Australians experiencing uncertainty about where their next meal is coming from[1].

To help combat hunger in Australia, Foodbank works closely with farmers, retailers and food manufacturers like Fonterra, to redirect food and groceries away from landfill to a network of charities, into the kitchens of those who need it most. As Foodbank’s exclusive fresh milk supplier for Victoria, Fonterra donates 100,000 litres of milk each year, as well as edible but unsaleable food that would otherwise go to waste.

René Dedoncker, Managing Director Fonterra Australia, says it is rewarding to reach this 2.5 million kilo donation milestone with Foodbank, as they work together to help address this important issue.

“Our relationship with Foodbank – and the commitment of our people to the cause – goes to show how food businesses can make a real, tangible difference to the communities in which we operate,” says Mr Dedoncker.

“Dairy is one of the key staples sought after by welfare agencies and we don’t want to see any of it go to waste, simply because it can’t be sold due to having a smudged label or damaged packaging.

“Through our partnership with Foodbank, we’re able to bring the goodness of dairy to all Australians, even the most vulnerable, while reducing potential waste at our sites that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

Brianna Casey, Foodbank CEO, says as the largest food rescue organisation in Australia, it relies on donations from companies like Fonterra to help provide hunger relief to the 3.6 million Australians – or 1 in 6 – experiencing food insecurity at some point in the year.

“It’s not that there is not enough food in our country, but the food isn’t getting to the right places, at the right time,” says Ms Casey.

“We work with partners like Fonterra to help bridge this gap to ensure their wonderful, fresh produce and manufactured goods go to as many Australians as possible who are forced to choose between paying bills or buying food,” says Ms Casey.

In 2017, Fonterra contributed the equivalent of nearly 262,000 meals. This latest donation milestone of 2.5 million kilos of food equates to over 4.3 million meals.


[1] Source: Foodbank Hunger Report, 2017 (