Anchor Food Professionals launches Anchor Aerosol Whipped Cream in Vietnam

The launch took place at the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Think Milk, Think NZ Event.

Anchor Food Professionals, the foodservice business of Fonterra, recently launched its new aerosol whipped cream product for the growing Vietnamese beverage house channel.

At the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Think Milk, Think NZ event held in April in Ho Chi Minh City, Anchor Food Professionals launched Anchor Aerosol Whipped Cream, a ready-to-use cream in canister format, ideal for creating quick and fast toppings for beverages. Developed with Anchor Food Professionals’ industry insights and Fonterra’s world-leading research and innovation capabilities, the new product is not only convenient to use but also provides great flavour and mouthfeel for a range of applications.

Anchor Food Professionals creates high quality, fit-for-purpose products and solutions that help meet the demands of its customers’ food businesses. Its portfolio includes butters, cheeses, creams and milk that offer unique attributes to drive functional performance for the foodservice industry.

General Manager of Fonterra Brands Vietnam, Linda Tan said, “Our new Anchor Aerosol Whipped Cream offers a premium solution for our customers and in particular the beverage house channel, which is experiencing rapid growth thanks to the increasingly popular trend of adding dairy to more traditional beverages, such as coffee and tea.”

In the Asia Pacific region almost 600 million cups of tea and coffee are consumed out of home daily, an increase of 22 per cent from five years ago. As a result, there has been a growing number of coffee and tea houses, beverage kiosks and dessert bars across Southeast Asia, and in Vietnam.

The growing young, educated and rich consumers are driving this trend for beverages made with yoghurt, topped with cream cheese and mixed with cream, as they seek indulgent ways to enjoy their daily fix of coffee and tea.

“We want to help our customers deliver what consumers are looking for in their everyday food and drink needs and are excited to offer new solutions to meet these changing consumer preferences,” said Linda.

The Think Milk, Think NZ event promoted the benefits of New Zealand milk to a range of Vietnamese businesses and foodservice customers, and gave Fonterra an ideal platform to showcase its New Zealand provenance and dairy expertise, as well as launch its new Anchor Food Professionals’ product. As part of the launch, a coffee and tea barista and mixologist demonstrated some creative applications for the aerosol cream, showcasing new beverage ideas for the Vietnam market.