Our brands

Our brands provide great tasting, high-quality dairy nutrition for people at all stages of life.


Anlene is Thailand’s number one adult milk brand, specially formulated to help Thais have strong bones for an active lifestyle.


Anmum is a trusted nutrition source for women planning to start a family, mums during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Backed by robust research, our maternal and growing up milk products are specially formulated to meet increased nutritional needs.


Made with the goodness of New Zealand milk, Anchor’s range of butter and cheese are popular family favourites.

Anchor Food Professionals

Anchor Food Professionals is the leading provider of professional dairy solutions, supplying butter, cheese, cream cheese and creams to more than 3,500 food and beverage establishments.


NZMP supplies safe, high-quality dairy ingredients to leading Thai food manufacturers. We offer a range of solutions from standard dairy ingredients such as milk powders and butter, to functional ingredients such as specialised proteins for sports beverages.