Laying the foundation for success in FY18

Last month, our Fonterra Brands Philippines team gathered in the National Capital Region to celebrate this year’s National Conference, delivering on our commitment to bring dairy goodness to the Philippines.

Themed “Faster, Fiercer, Farther”, the conference aimed to inspire Fonterrans across all teams to embrace a disruptive mindset and continuously innovate to provide better dairy solutions for the fiscal year 2018.

Over the course of two days, the team engaged in a range of activities that encouraged teamwork and innovation – from experiential sports such as cheer dancing and juggling to breakout sessions which saw various groups present ideas on how to deliver our goals this year.    

The Catalyst Awards, which was held on the first day, recognised and celebrated 47 employees who contributed significantly to the business.

Fonterra Brands Philippines General Manager Mike Boness says the conference was a great platform that brought the business together, fostering a wealth of ideas and strong ties amongst employees.

“At Fonterra, our people are at the heart of our business. I’m thrilled to see everyone so engaged, open to learning and contributing great ideas on how we can deliver on our goals this year.

“More importantly, I’m proud to see us united and committed to a culture of continuous innovation as we strive towards our common goal of spreading dairy goodness across the Philippines.”