10 december 2017

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Ben & Tracy | Canterbury

From the farmers

Hi, we're Ben and Tracy and we have been farming here at Larundel Dairy Partnership, near Oxford for the past nine years. Before that, we were contract milking 1000 cows in Mid Canterbury.

We run 1380 cows on the property with Ben working full time with five staff, while Tracy is a full-time mum of three children aged seven, five and two. Ben is originally from a sheep and beef background but has 16 years of dairy farming experience. Community and family are important to us and we relish being able to bring up our three children in a rural environment and being part of a strong community.

Our Farm and Environmental Story

Our environmental footprint has always been at the forefront of our minds and over the last nine years, we have been on a journey to improve our farming systems and minimise the impact we have on the environment.

All of our waterways are fenced off and there are 2.5 kilometres of native planting on stream banks. We have upgraded our effluent system to allow for more storage, we have soil moisture sensors to enable more accurate irrigation scheduling and all of our fertiliser applications are GPS tracked.

We have also been involved with Rangiora Vets and Dairy NZ’s Well Farm initiative, monitoring key performance indicators regarding animal welfare. We consider the welfare of our animals equally as important as the people involved in running our operation.

Community Groups we are involved in

  • Rangiora Vets
  • Dairy NZ’s Well Farm Initiative

Our water initiatives

Riparian Planting

Riparian Planting

Wetland Restoration

Wetland Restoration

Fencing Waterways

Fencing Waterways

Effluent Management

Effluent Management



Ben & Tracy's Farm