10 december 2017

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Lincoln University | Canterbury

From the farmers

Hi, I’m Peter, Farm Manager for the Lincoln University demonstration dairy farm. We are a progressive farming development facility committed to advancing dairy farming, with particular consideration to productivity and environmental sustainability.

Formerly the University’s sheep farm, the 160 hectare property milks about 600 cows and features a cross section of the soil types found on the Canterbury Plains.

We aim to provide of example of how a farm can maximise its productivity and probability without increasing the farm’s environmental footprint and by upholding industry leading animal welfare standards.

Our Farm and Environmental Story

Our environmental work is based on the efficient use of nutrients on the farm, especially effluent fertiliser, to provide examples to farmers of how they can efficiently use effluent and how, where and when to distribute it to maximise its benefits to pasture.

We are also investigating how native planting can improve biodiversity and how to manage the effect of factors like fertiliser, grazing, irrigation and effluent distribution over a variety of different soil types.

Our water initiatives

Fencing Waterways

Fencing Waterways

Effluent Management

Effluent Management





1504 Shands Road, Lincoln


Open from 12.00pm – 4.00pm

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