10 december 2017

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Geoff & Billi's Farm | Bay of Plenty

From the farmers

Hi, we're Geoff and Billi and our farm has been in the family since 1971. Our three children are the third generation on it.

Geoff originally share milked for his parents for 11 years. In 2004 we purchased the farm off his parents and have continued the work that they started.

Our three children attend the local College and Primary School and enjoy being able to participate in Ag Day events and help with the day to day running of the farm.

We look forward to welcoming you on to our farm in the Bay of Plenty on the 10 December.

Our Farm and Environmental Story

We care about the environment and have continued the work that Geoff's parents started with the planting and fencing of the two streams that run through the farm and down into the Tauranga Harbour.

This work was done with the support and advice of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Planting the stream banks reduces the amount of sediment and nutrient run-off entering the streams.

All trees are native and now well established. Regular maintenance is routinely done especially with the removal of willow trees and other weeds.

In 2015 we won the BOP Regional Council Award in the Ballance Farm Environment Awards for our riparian management and commitment to the maintenance of the area, enhancing the quality of water flowing into the Tauranga Harbour.

Our water initiatives

Riparian Planting

Riparian Planting

Wetland Restoration

Wetland Restoration

Fencing Waterways

Fencing Waterways

Effluent Management

Effluent Management



Geoff & Billi