Food Safety Quality

Our purpose is to be the world’s most trusted source of dairy nutrition by achieving uncompromising standards of food safety and quality. 

This commitment extends through every step of our supply chain – from our farming families right through to consumers’ homes in more than 100 countries

Wherever we’re located in the world, we have a clear, consistent system to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services. We leave nothing to chance.

We trace our products

  • Over the next three years, we’re connecting our global network to ensure every part of our business generates electronic traceability data, allowing us to see a product’s history, location and current status.

We have stringent processes

  • Our farmer families are committed to the highest standards of quality control through regular on-farm testing as well as independent farm and environmental assessments.
  • At every farm milk samples are taken and our tankers use cutting-edge testing technology to ensure only the highest standard of milk is processed.
  • Every milk collection is tested by an independent provider – MilkTestNZ, while the National Chemical Contaminants Programme carries out random raw milk monitoring.
  • In fact, we undertake more than six million quality tests every year and continue to find innovative ways to further enhance our world-class systems.
  • Before our food is exported, we also carry out a range of quality assessments specific to the destination country.
  • Our shipping containers are cleaned, inspected and tested before being packed and security sealed to ensure our products remain safe on their journey.

We uphold high quality and food safety standards

Fonterra’s Food Safety and Quality system is designed to ensure safety and quality at every stage, from farm to consumer.

Our  commitments to food safety and quality include:

  • Food Safety: Produce and supply safe, quality foods.
  • Consumer Health: Produce and supply nutritious dairy products.
  • Consumer Satisfaction: Aim to consistently satisfy and surpass customer and consumer expectations.

Our 30 manufacturing sites are at the forefront of dairy innovation and efficiency

  • An $11 million upgrade has doubled capacity of our Lactoferrin plant at Hautapu in New Zealand, allowing us to meet high demand for the iron-binding protein used in infant formula and health foods.
  • The most in-demand food product used in foodservice and home kitchens – sliced processed cheese – is now coming off the line at Eltham, producing 2.3 billion slices annually, destined for more than 100 markets around the world.
  • Our Clandeboye mozzarella plant is running 24 hours a day, making enough cheese to top 300 million pizzas a year and is the first of its kind to make frozen shredded natural mozzarella from milk in one day, rather than two months.




Dairy excellence
Dairy excellence
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