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New Zealand is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest dairy.

New Zealand is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest dairy

We’ve built our reputation on the farming know-how and hard work of generations of New Zealand farmers who care deeply for their cows and for the land they farm, and on the quality and safety of the dairy we share with the world.

New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to produce dairy

  • Our natural environment is ideal for growing grass, with fertile soil, excellent rainfall and sunny days.
  • Grass is a natural food for cows and on average 85 per cent of our cows’ diet is grass, grass silage, hay and forage crops, which is grown on our farms.
  • Our temperate climate means that New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where cows can graze outside year round, just as nature intended.
  • Our cows spend 90 per cent of their time on average outside on grass.

Great milk comes from lush pastures

  • Our cows are grass-fed so their milk is typically richer in omega-3 fats, beta-carotene and CLA, a beneficially fatty acid, and tends to be higher in Vitamin E.
  • We’re experts at growing grass. As a country, we know the importance of lush grass for producing top quality milk and New Zealand has invested years of research into improving grass quality.

Nothing we grow is GMO

  • We do not grow any genetically modified plants such as grass in New Zealand. 
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We have built our expertise over generations of farming families

  • Fonterra is a global Co-operative owned by around 10,000 New Zealand dairy farmers. Our reputation as a world-leading dairy exporter is built on the hard work and dedication of our farmers over many generations.
  • New Zealand has been producing dairy since 1871, so our Fonterra roots run deep.  From small beginnings, we have become the world’s largest exporter and the dairy products made from our farmers’ milk is enjoyed by over one billion people around the world.

We’re committed to quality at every step of the journey

  • Our milk is enjoyed in dairy products in more than 140 countries around the world. We have stringent standards to ensure the quality and safety of our dairy throughout the journey from our farms to our consumers’ homes.
  • Our New Zealand processing sites are all government certified with advanced quality and safety systems, rigorous processes and final product testing and inspection.
  • Once our dairy is processed, we ensure our packing also follows the highest standards of safety. We know it’s important to understand what’s in your food, where it’s from and who made it — that’s why all our food packaging is coded, so we’re able to tell you when and where it was manufactured and packed.

We want to leave things better than we found them for generations to come

  • Our Co-operative has made giant strides towards achieving many of our environmental goals over the past decade, thanks to our farmers’ committed efforts to operate responsibly and sustainably.
  • Fonterra’ Supply Fonterra programme actively supports our farmers’ sustainable farming practices by helping them meet regulatory requirements and achieve environmental, food safety and animal welfare expectations. 
  • We are particularly focused on managing freshwater quality on-farm by fencing waterways, managing raceways, tracks, paddocks and effluent, and reducing run-off with riparian planting. (Riparian planting and management is the restoration, enhancement and the construction of wetlands, rivers or streams inside a property.)

We care for our waterways and water quality

  • Water is essential to the long-term success of our farming businesses as well as to the health and environment of the communities where we live, work and farm.
  • We’re committed to improving water quality and using water responsibly wherever we operate, and supporting the protection and restoration of water-based natural habitats.
  • The Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord is the dairy industry’s commitment to New Zealand and improving water quality. It sets out national good management practice benchmarks aimed at lifting environmental performance on dairy farms. Through this commitment, we’ve fenced over 97 per cent (24,410 kms) of defined waterways on our farms to protect water quality.



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We ensure the purity of our world class product is protected as it journeys from our farms to homes all around the world. That’s our promise to you. That’s Trusted Goodness™.