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We've been developing amazing dairy products for decades and now share them with over one billion people around the world. Here are some of the ways we give back.

We educate mothers on nutrition for their babies and support better movement for older people through dairy nutrition.

We educate mothers on nutrition for their babies and support better movement for older people through dairy nutrition.

Fonterra,educating mothers on nutrition for their babies.

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Since 2009, our Rural Maternity and Infant Healthcare Community Programme in China has committed US$1 million a year to support the health of women and children in rural areas
For many years, Anlene has been successfully educating Indonesians on bone health by working hand-in-hand with the local Government, healthcare associations and private sectors in Indonesia.
Under-nutrition is an on-going problem in Ethiopia, so we created a fortified milk-based drink that provides children with access to affordable, smaller portions of dairy along with eight essential nutrients they may be missing from their daily diets.

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We support many local charities in the international communities where we operate.

Our Fonterra Grass Roots Fund has provided financial support for ideas that help to strengthen our dairy communities, making them safer and more vibrant places to be. It was launched in New Zealand in 2007, Australia in 2011 and Sri Lanka in 2014.

When disasters happen in the communities we operate in, like most kiwis our first response is to dive in and help any way we can.

The Gorkha Earthquake that struck Nepal had a particular impact on our Malaysian team, which counts in its family 150 employees from Nepal. To support the affected colleagues and the local community, Fonterra staff from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam banded together to raise much needed funds.

Fonterra staff responds to Gurkha earthquake in Nepal

In Australia, in times of special needs and crises, such as the Queensland and Victorian floods, and Victorian bushfires, our business has been there to help with cash, product and volunteering.

In response to the 2015 cyclones in Fiji we provided Anchor food parcels to people cut-off or displaced from their homes.

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We help to develop dairy technology in emerging dairy markets so that more consumers can enjoy nutritious, fresh dairy products.

Dairy Development is our name for sharing our dairy know-how with local farmers to help develop their emerging dairy industries, helping improve local farmers’ production, productivity, milk quality and ultimately, their income.

Fonterra continues to develop dairy technology in emerging dairy markets.

In Sri Lanka, we train local farmers to improve forage, animal welfare, and milk quality. This year, three of our farmers from New Zealand spent a month at the training and demonstration farm working with the locals to help them develop new skills.

In Indonesia, we are providing training to build capability amongst local farmers and co-operatives and partnering with the Indonesian government.

In Australia, our Fonterra SupportCrew™ programme provides our farmers with access to a team of specialists, with expertise and skill sets in finance, nutrition and agronomy, human resource management, quality and sustainability.

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We co-invest and partner with local businesses so we can build a stronger dairy industry together.

We cannot meet all of the needs of our global customers and consumers with milk sourced from New Zealand alone. Our future lies in building ties with customers and suppliers of significance to create sustainable partnerships that enable us to be a premium provider of quality dairy at a global scale.

We work closely with national and local governments to support improved regulations for producing and selling nutritious dairy.

We’re proud to be a part of communities all over the world. It’s not just about giving people in more than 100 countries affordable access to the goodness of dairy, it’s about sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

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