Our Commitments

Our home is New Zealand, where we’ve been dairy farming for more than a century.

Commitment to New Zealand

Read about our commitment to New Zealand from the Farmers of Fonterra

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Fonterra is a co-operative owned by 10,000 New Zealand farmers

Today we are in every town and in every family fridge. We fly the flag for New Zealand in more than 100 countries and deliver dairy nutrition to more than 1 billion people.

Most Kiwis have an opinion on us - we're ok with that. It shows that what we do and how well we do it matters to them.

We might not always get it right for everyone. When you’re making as many calls as we are you’re never going to.

We care about what New Zealanders think of us. So we decided to put our thoughts and actions into words and give you a sense of what we really stand for.

Once you have our perspective on things you can make up your own mind about us.

The Good Work we do.

The good work we do here

Fonterra is owned by 10,000 farmers who, despite being in the middle of a very difficult down turn, continue to help New Zealand in many ways.  Here’s just some of them.

The global work we do.

The global work we do over there

We’ve been developing amazing dairy products for decades and sharing them in over 100 countries around the world.

The gripes we hear about us

The gripes we hear about us

New Zealanders are never afraid of expressing a view and we’re not afraid to answer it. Here’s some of the things that are said about us and the real facts as answers.