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Healthy Kids Pledge

Supporting healthy children in New Zealand.

In the past year, Fonterra committed our support for the newly launched Healthy Kids Industry Pledge. This is an industry-wide initiative, coordinated by the New Zealand Ministry of Health, to identify and contribute solutions that will reduce rates of obesity among children in New Zealand.


We are rolling out the Health Star Rating on our everyday products in New Zealand. We will be adding the rating to products whenever possible as we refresh our packaging, to provide useful information to support healthy choices. At the end of FY17 the rating was on almost half of our applicable products. By the end of the 2018 calendar year information on the Health Star Rating will be on our websites for all New Zealand everyday products.

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“Children embrace it, they love it. It helps us, as educators, deliver a better quality understanding of what nutrition and health is, and what it looks like”

Sonya Hockley

Principal at Auckland Point School, Nelson, NZ

Our Pledge.

Our commitment to the New Zealand Ministry Of Health's Healthy Kids Industry Pledge.

We're committed to being the world’s most trusted source of dairy nutrition and we have a role to play in helping to ensure Kiwi kids have access to good nutrition and the information families need to support making healthy choices.

That’s why we’ve pledged our support to the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Healthy Kids Industry Pledge, this means we understand the serious impact of obesity on the health and well-being of the children of New Zealand and will identify and contribute solutions that will aim to help reduce rates of obesity for all children in New Zealand.


We’re committed, where appropriate, to:

  • Consider options for innovation and the reformulation of products to ensure children and their families have easy access to healthier food options.
  • Continue to enhance labeling to help families make healthy choices for their children, including supporting the government’s health star ratings.
  • Continue to provide fact-based information to help families make healthy choices for their children.
  • Support responsible marketing, advertising, and sponsorship of foods to children that support healthy nutrition.
  • Support the government's efforts to address differences in health outcomes for different population groups, particularly Māori and Pacific peoples.
  • Identify and communicate specific activities that we will undertake within our business, and publicly report on our progress.


Our seven pledges.

As well as signing up to the government’s Healthy Kids Industry Pledge, we’re proud to have made seven additional commitments to support the health and well-being of Kiwi kids:

  1. We’re committed to making free nutritious milk available to all schools with primary-aged children nationwide as part of Fonterra Milk for Schools programme.
  2. We’re committed to providing free milk for a nutritious breakfast for all kiwi school kids as part of the KickStart breakfast programme.
  3. We’ll roll out the Health Star Rating on all our everyday products in New Zealand, as we refresh our packaging.
  4. By the end of 2018, Fonterra Brands NZ will include Health Star Rating information on our websites for all everyday products.
  5. Our advertising will always comply with the Advertising Standards Authority Children and Young People’s Advertising Code in New Zealand.
  6. When we’re sponsoring events for children, Fonterra Brands will support healthy nutrition.
  7. We’ll continue to move our portfolio of everyday products for children and young people towards using minimum quantities of added sugars, refined carbohydrates, added fats, salt and other additives without compromising on quality, taste, texture or safety.

Dairy nutrition

Our milk is precious. We want to keep it that way.