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Frequently asked questions

Q: How long is the competition open?

A: Nominations open online from 12.01am on February 22th and close at 11.59pm on March 17th.  School visits will take place on the following dates March 7th,14th and 23rd.

Q: How will I know what schools and kids have been selected?

A: Each school that is selected will be contacted directly by a Fonterra Milk for Schools representative.  The parent or guardian of the winning child will also be contacted.  Selected schools that accept the prize will then be announced here and on the Fonterra Facebook page on March 7, 14 and 23. Please note that the winning person from your community will not be contacted prior and will be surprised by Richie McCaw on the day of the visit. 

Q: What will happen at the school visit?

A: The event will be for approximately one hour on the date of each scheduled school visit.  Richie McCaw will bring the winning member of the community to the school for a Fonterra Milk for Schools moment along with the child who has nominated them.  The event will be for up to 150 school children at the school.

Q: Who decides what schools are visited?

A: The three winning schools will be chosen by a panel of judges from Fonterra. Judges will consider reasons given for why the nominated community member and school child should receive one of the three school visits.

Q: Will Richie McCaw be coming in a helicopter this year?

A: For practicality reasons, Richie and the winning child and community member will be arriving by car this year.

Q: My school doesn’t do Fonterra Milk for Schools. Can they still enter?

Any primary school can enter but to win you must be a Fonterra Milk for Schools participant. If you aren’t currently enrolled in the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme, and would like to join >

Q: How can we join the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme?

If you are the school principal you can apply to join the programme >

Teachers, parents, and students can refer their school >

Q: Why is the competition only open to primary schools?

A: The Fonterra Milk for Schools programme is available to all primary school children in Years 1-6, and years 7 & 8 when part of a Full Primary. We know that children’s primary school years are the formative years of growth and development, and we want to give every Kiwi kid the best nutritional start. Focusing on Primary Schools allows us to reach as many kids as possible. Since the launch of the programme, Fonterra has provided more than 100 million 200ml packs of Anchor Lite milk to primary schools around New Zealand.

Q: I am having trouble submitting my entry form?

A: If you are having any issues please contact us >

Q: Who should I nominate?

A: We want to hear about someone deserving in your community who you’d like to share the goodness of Anchor milk with Richie McCaw and the reason why.  Maybe it’s your bus driver who always drops you outside your house, maybe it’s your Auntie who helps you with your homework (and gives you the biggest slice of cake) or maybe it’s your rugby coach who always turns up rain or shine.  Just tell us why they deserve to share a milk moment with you (or the primary school child you’re nominating) and maybe Richie will come and pick them up.


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