We're committed to improving water quality


Water is essential to the long-term success of our Co-op, as well as to the health and environment of communities where we live, work and farm.

We are committed to improving water quality, protecting our waterways and using water responsibly wherever we operate.

Read our latest ambition announcement.

On our farms

We are particularly focussed on managing freshwater quality on-farm by fencing waterways, managing raceways, tracks, paddocks and effluent, and reducing run-off with riparian planting. We use innovative modelling software on our farms so we can understand how many nutrients are leaching through our soil and making it to ground water. We look at areas on our farms that have land unsuitable for dairying, and where possible, plant natives or use to create small wetlands.

At our manufacturing sites

We monitor water use throughout our supply chain and work to preserve and enhance the environment around our processing sites. We are investing in resource-efficient plants to lower the water used per tonne of product.

In our communities

Living Water is a 10-year strategic partnership between DOC and Fonterra that aims to demonstrate sustainable dairying in healthy freshwater ecosystems in five significant dairying regions across New Zealand.