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Open Gates | on farm


Farmers consider waterways when making on-farm decisions on the location of tracks and troughs ensuring they are minimising the risk to waterways. In New Zealand our farmers have:

  • Fenced off 99.6% of permanent waterways. Which is over 20,000 km of waterways.

  • Installed over 32,000 bridges and culverts over waterways which is 99.9% of regular crossings.

  • A continued focus on riparian areas on farm to support healthy waterways.

Emissions: What are we doing?

We are refining what we need to do across our Co-op to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes: 

  • Investing in tools and resources to support our farmers in reducing their environmental footprints on farm. Our team of Sustainable Dairying Advisors work to support farmers to create and implement Farm Environment Plans. These serve to improve on-farm performance and reduce emissions through better individual animal performance and genetics, improved nitrogen fertiliser efficiency, and better pasture and feed management.

  • From 2020, we will provide each of our farmers with an individual emissions profile that identifies the overall level and sources of their emissions.

  • We’re also investing in methane mitigation research alongside the government and the agriculture sector.

The whole country cares about what’s happening with the environment, including us.

That’s why some of our Fonterra farmers have been opening their gates to show you what they are doing to help protect it.

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Open Gates 2019

On 10 November, some of our Fonterra farmers opened their gates, even the rain couldn’t keep people away!

Open Gates 2018

Check out the fun from last year, when over 8,000 people visited our farms around the country.

What happened on the day

Check out our 2019 photo album

Sustainability Report 2019

A discussion around the kind of world we want to leave for future generations and how we’re measuring ourselves against that ambition.


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