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Doing business in China.

Around 11% of all dairy consumption in China comes from Fonterra.
This is something all Kiwis can be proud of.

Why China?

China is one of our most important markets.

China is an exciting and dynamic place to do business. Consumers can’t get enough of dairy – with demand growing faster than supply can keep up.

More than just infant milk formula, Fonterra China is worth nearly $4 billion today. 

China takes a quarter of every drop of milk Fonterra exports. 
Fonterra is important to China too – we account for 36% of all dairy imports.

We’re making a difference in the lives of 150 million people across China.

Our story in China... 

Anchor is #1 of 64 imported milk brands.

With many imported milk brands fighting for market share, our proudest achievement is Anchor topping the import UHT milk market.

It’s no small feat.   But it’s just one of several achievements Anchor has had over its five-year journey.

Anchor has grown from selling one product in one store in Shanghai in 2013 to selling nearly 50 products in 13,000 stores nationwide today.

Anchor broke even in 2018, just five years after its launch. This is ahead of the international brand norm.

We partner with many famous Chinese bakeries, modern dining chains and beverage houses. 

We work with 2,000 companies reaching 20,000 stores across China.

Our mozzarella tops half of the pizzas sold in China. More than 90% of leading bakery chains choose our butter. Our UHT cream helped make over 200 million tea macchiatos last year.

We work closely with bakeries, tea houses, coffee shops, eateries and restaurants across China to deliver top-notch food and drinks to Chinese consumers.

NZMP is the leader in China dairy ingredients and solutions.

We’re proud to be the leading ingredients company in China.

One in four litres of milk from New Zealand is sold to China – or around 3.4 billion litres of milk equivalent every year.

Our NZMP ingredients end end up in a broad range of products, from drinks, biscuits and confectionery to traditional Chinese moon cakes and dumplings.

Delivering value from our China Farms.

We milk over 31,000 cows on our two Farm Hubs, producing around 300 million litres of milk every year. 

Having farms in China means we can supply fresh milk to customers like Starbucks, McDonalds, and Alibaba's Hema Fresh which stocks our Daily Fresh Milk range.

Giving back to the communities we work in.

In 2009, we established the Fonterra Rural Maternity and Infant Healthcare Community Program, benefitting more than 10 million rural people.

We’ve helped 1,000 Chinese students studying farming or food science to go to university through our Fonterra Scholarship programme, helping to cultivate talent for the local food industry.

We’ve also been working with local authorities and research teams in China and New Zealand to build a circular economy effluent solution. Treated effluent from our China Farms is used as a restorative fertiliser to improve soil health on arable land to grow feed for our cows.


Our people making it happen.

Our team in China is led by Christina Zhu, who leads all aspects of our consumer, foodservice and farming businesses on the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Christina Zhu has deep insights into the trends in consumer brands, commerce and the dairy industry in Greater China. Prior to joining Fonterra, her career spanned across the United States, Asia and Europe and she has held leadership roles in multinational companies covering a wide range of sectors including strategy consulting, financial services, industry and technology, and investment.

Christina leads a 1,700-strong team across China.


Innovation is at the heart of our business.

There are lots of exciting opportunities for dairy as Chinese consumers develop a taste for Western-type food.

We’ve opened Fonterra Application Centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu to help our customers come up with delicious new ideas.

Discover innovative food experiences, such as cheese lollipops, durian pizza and Muddy Buns with NZMP President Greater China, South & East Asia, Teh-Han Chow.

Staying still is not an option.

China is a dynamic market. It’s growing quickly and changes fast. Brands appear and disappear within months. Trends change quicker than a flash. 

To succeed in China, businesses need to be collaborative, brave, innovative and able to move at the speed of light.

With nearly one in five people on the planet living in China, it’s one of our most important markets.

We are in China for the long term.

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