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Latest Food Trends Prove Dairy is as Hip as ever.

Fonterra’s Jacqueline Chow reveals global consumer trends driving international dairy consumption. 

06 Apr 2017

Fonterra introduces global quality seal

Fonterra is introducing a new global food quality seal – Trusted Goodness™ – for its products as part of its business strategy to add value to milk and maximise returns for its farmers.
14 Mar 2017

Nutrition experts urge us to protect teen bones for life

Give your teenage girls 2-3 serves of dairy a day to ensure they have strong healthy bones for life.
14 Mar 2017

Are dairy fats beneficial for good health?

For decades, experts advised people to reduce their fat intake, however they now agree that fats are actually beneficial for people’s health, and dairy fats have an important role to play.
14 Mar 2017

Fonterra recognised for innovation in paediatric nutrition

Fonterra’s research and development team has received an innovation award for their work in milk lipids and their role in supporting the nutritional value of maternal and paediatric nutritional products.
14 Mar 2017

Latest food trends prove dairy is as hip as ever

Fonterra’s Jacqueline Chow reveals global consumer trends driving international dairy consumption. A consumer and food service industry represents NZ$6.5b turnover and growing in more than 80 countries for Fonterra.
14 Mar 2017

Fonterra moves to reduce sugar content in kids' yoghurt - Anchor Uno

Fonterra’s Anchor Uno now contains the lowest levels of sugar (per 100 grams) in any kids’ yoghurt brand in New Zealand, with 40 per cent less sugar than the original Uno formulation.
14 Mar 2017

Anchor launches new range of premium milk products in China

At its Annual General Meeting today Fonterra announced the launch of a new range of premium Anchor products in China, in response to the ongoing growth in demand for safe, high-quality dairy nutrition.
14 Mar 2017

Fonterra diversifies products to stay front-footed on consumer trends

As dairy consumption continues to grow globally, Fonterra is becoming increasingly focused on diversifying and specialising its products to meet customer demand.
14 Mar 2017