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New Zealand

Have you ever thought about swapping jobs with someone else?

Two Fonterra employees did just that.

June 10, 2020


Delivering more than milk 

As parts of New Zealand are struggling with drought Fonterra is lending a hand where it can with milk tankers delivering water to desperate communities.

February 18, 2020


Sustainable students – ‘a win-win operation’

Brian and Pirkko Gallagher are passionate about sustainable farming. Not because they have to be – because they want to be and know it’s the right thing to do.

November 16, 2018


Would creating and tasting ice cream all day be your dream job?

Imagine if you had a job where you got to create and taste different ice creams all day long.

June 26, 2018


Auckland community garden helps get city hands dirty

The Fonterra Grass Roots fund awards grants to hundreds of community organisations each year. One of the winners was the Triangle Park community garden in Auckland. With their grant, the garden bought new seeds, tools, and a potting table.

December 06, 2017


Generous gift to benefit future farmers  

An act of generosity from a Fonterra farmer will mean more young people from our largest city can gain a greater understanding of what farming is all about.

October 01, 2017


KickStart Breakfast Club of the Year 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 KickStart Breakfast Awards! The KickStart Breakfast programme is a partnership between local communities, NZ Government, and corporate companies.

September 26, 2017


200 firefighters remember the fallen

Last month, members of Fonterra’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) were among the 200 firefighters who climbed Auckland’s Sky Tower stairs in memory of the firefighters lost in the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks in 2001.

September 15, 2017


Traditional breakfast fuelling our kids

Traditional breakfast fuelling our kids with Weet-bix and milk has long been regarded as a strong start to a kiwi kid’s day. And it’s this traditional breakfast that has breakfast clubs around the country competing for the KickStart Breakfast Awards.

August 31, 2017