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Meet Grant Wilson

  • December 06, 2017
  • 1 min read

There are many milk men, but what does it take to be the best?

A winner of both Fonterra Milk for Schools Franchisee of the Year and Anchor Milkman of the Year, Grant Wilson, was recently called out in Fonterra’s Made by Many TV ad featuring some of the many who spread the goodness of dairy in Wellington.

Grant’s team begin their shifts from about 8pm at night- not finishing delivering the milk to cafes and schools around the city until well into the following morning. He promptly explains his coffee of choice is a flat white, no sugar.

But, Grant knows there’s much more that goes into a simple flat white than coffee, sugar and milk.

There are the fencers and vets who support the farmers, the drivers who transport the products, the baristas who use our milk to make flat whites, not to mention the schools who ensure their kids are getting a nutritious drink to start their morning.

Grant and his wife Ariella, along with their team of delivery drivers, say they’re fortunate their jobs allow them to meet so many different people across the city – from the teachers who run Milk for Schools to different dairy owners and café workers.

“You meet a lot of interesting people doing the deliveries and spot them out and about. There are times I’ve been sitting at a cricket match and turn to see one of our customers sitting behind me. It’s just nice chatting to people and building those relationships.”

Grant and Ariella’s team of 18 at Cool Runners NZ LTD, deliver to cafes and customers through the night, with around 80 percent of the deliveries taking place after-hours. Grant says they generally find the city is much more relaxed and enjoyable in the evenings. Many of the people they bump into are in high spirts as they return from sporting events or a night out with friends.

As for being named the Fonterra Milk for Schools and Anchor Milkman of the Year, Grant says he simply does his job.

“I just get out there and get the work done despite what the weather’s doing. It’s about going the extra mile on service issues and ensuring customers in our region are happy. We also never miss a delivery.”

Nominations for Milkman of the Year are made by the schools in the programme and Grant says this makes him even more proud of the award. He takes pride in delivering the goodness of dairy.

“Knowing that you’re able to offer a product that has good benefits is what keeps me in the job. Just realising that you’re contributing to the greater health and nutrition of school kids is something so incredibly rewarding.”

The team at Cool Runners NZ LTD distribute 44,000 units of milk per week to school kids in the Wellington region alone.  

“Knowing that kids are able to get a nutrient-rich product that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to- makes it all worth it.”