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Meet Brent Beamish

  • December 08, 2017
  • 3 min read

It’s the bottle filler-uppers, the bakers, the guys who build fridges, the dairy owners, the farmers and chief cheeses, all working together, to keep things turning and producing dairy loved around the world.

Fonterra really is “Made by Many” across New Zealand.

In the Bay of Plenty, one of the many who use our fine butter to make delicious croissants (which have had a cameo on TV nonetheless) is Love Rosie Bakery owner Brent Beamish.

Brent says at least two to three flat whites (made with Anchor milk!) are needed each morning to keep up with the constant flow of customers throughout the day.

While their world-class croissants stole the limelight on the Fonterra Made by Many TV commercial for the Bay, most days it’s their best-selling Portuguese tarts, made with puff pastry and filled with real custard, that fly off the shelves.

Chefs all over the world love New Zealand butter, so it’s no surprise that the chefs at Love Rosie Bakery feel the same.  They pride themselves on using the goodness of New Zealand dairy in their baked goods.

The cafe was named as one of the top three finalists in this year’s Bay Hospitality Awards in the Outstanding Café category.  But all of us; from the fencers and vets who support our farmers, the drivers who transport our products and the bakeries that need the goodness of New Zealand dairy, have a part to play in creating such nutritious, world-famous products.

Love Rosie is a prime example of a bakery that is not only loved by many but made by many too.

Part of the appreciation stems from their pride in giving back to the community. As well as supporting the World Vision Syrian appeal and Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga, they have also been heavily involved in Tauranga’s ‘Street Why’s’ initiative to feed, clothe and support Tauranga’s homeless.

Street Why’s founder, Tracy, also happens to be a regular Love Rosie customer.

“We just like to give back to the community, the many.” Brent explains; “We always have people come to us for support but our focus is on the little people, the school children. We love to give to causes like that.”

Brent says the Café is a hub for the community. “We get all types of people coming in, from every age group, but Tracy’s been a long-time customer. We admire the way she’s actually gone out and used her initiative to do something, to make a difference.”

It’s these kinds of relationships that Brent and his wife Kate have been able to form over the past five years that they consider the greatest perk of working in the hospitality industry. That, and the creative freedom that owning a flourishing café offer.

But what’s the real secret to the success of a bakery like Love Rosie?

“Focus on the product and the service and everything else takes care of itself. Have high standards, but don’t focus on the money. Find something you enjoy making and make lots of it, the rest will follow. Chances are that if you enjoy it, others will too.”

Whether it’s the chocolate Guinness cake infused with white chocolate cream cheese and salted caramel or their red cabbage, zucchini walnut wrap, Love Rosie goods are enjoyed by many.