Fonterra's New Zealand targets

Indicator Target Performance Commentary 
Length of defined waterways with dairy cattle permanently excluded
100% by 31 May 2017
Essentially completed to plan and a focused effort now underway for the remaining small number of farmers
Regular crossing points on farm have bridge or culvert
100% by 31 May 2018
Essentially completed one year ahead of plan
Farms with waterways have documented riparian management plan
100% by 31 May 2020
Progress is better than can be reported because not all data is currently available; however, progress is slower than planned. Effort has been prioritised elsewhere. New tools and services like Farm Environment Plans will accelerate progress from now
Farms with water meters on significant water intake
85% by 2020
On track
Farms participating in nutrient management reporting and benchmarking
100% by 30 Nov 2015
The effort required to achieve this was initially under-estimated but adoption has grown rapidly and is now approaching target
Farm Environment Plan
100% by end 2025
NEW FY18 This is a new initiative and starts with a target for 1,000 during FY18