Supporting the health of our employees

Our ambition is for all our people to be healthy, have a balanced life and go home safely every day, everywhere. As part of our global health, safety and wellbeing approach here are some of the activities we undertake to promote and support the health of our employees.
  • Health support

  • ‘Better You’ digital platform

  • Site-specific activities

Health support

Our team of Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) in New Zealand provide regular on-site support to staff. As well as protecting and preventing ill-health, OHN’s promote central and site-specific wellbeing initiatives, and provide nutritional advice and employee-specific health support plans.  

Health support plans are a three way care plan between the Employee, their Manager and the Occupational Health Nurse. They are useful for supporting staff with long-term conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancers. 

In the case of nutritional support, health support plans can provide milestones and agreed supportive actions for reaching nutritional goals.  Typically nutritional milestones include dietician consultations, health assessments and healthy eating plans.

‘Better You’ digital platform

Through a digital platform we provide wellbeing tools and resources for our employees and up to 5 additional family members or friends per employee. By completing a wellbeing questionnaire the user gets a score for each section and an overall ‘Healthy Habits Score’. Their personal report provides links to relevant material that can help them enhance their scores and, as new content is added to the platform, their personal report is automatically updated to link to the newest and most relevant content.

Areas of the assessment include healthy eating, sleeping, exercise and mental wellbeing. Employees can access a range of healthy delicious meal and snack ideas to make at home and access a range of special discounts to help with their wellbeing, safety and engagement.

Site-specific activities

In addition to centrally led activities, individual sites are given the flexibility to customize their health and wellbeing programme and design activities that recognize their specific situation. This can take a risk-based approach to target identified areas of improvement or more generally promote relevant healthy lifestyles and behaviors. 

Examples of activities that have been undertaken include: wellbeing expos, healthy eating or other awareness campaigns, and flu vaccinations. Cafeterias are available at almost all of our manufacturing sites and these provide a balance of hot and cold meal options, healthy options and smaller portion size options.