I have governance/community roles as a Springdale School Board Trustee, Chair of Springdale Centenary Committee and Chair of Te Aroha District Calf Club Committee.

I am a member of New Zealand Society of Soil Science, The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science, Agronomy Society of New Zealand, and Federated Farmers.

My wife Louise and I met while studying toward our PhD’s at Lincoln University and we were both research fellows at University of Western Australia. My Australian research examined how water availability regulates the diversity and function of the soil microbial community within key land use systems. I have collaborated with scientists from New Zealand, UK and Australia to establish a network of researchers interested in pursuing common research goals within the fields of microbial nutrient cycling and microbial ecology.

Since returning to dairy farming 7 years ago, I have focused on creating a structured management system for our 5 dairy farm businesses. Initially this involved altering our business structure by separating farm ownership (trust) and operation (company). Clear board and operation roles for each family member were then established, goals, strategy and budgets prepared and discussed with managers. We have also embarked on projects focusing on native and exotic planting and hydrological management to reduce our environment foot print while improving ecological value, animal welfare and summer grass production.

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