Mike Fleming

Fonterra Alumni 2006 - 2007

Mike has been actively involved in governance throughout his career. He has been a member of the NZ Institute of Directors since 2004, completed the Fonterra Governance Development Program in 2007-08 and is a member of the Fonterra GDP Alumni program.

Mike has maintained an active role as a company director (mostly independent chair roles) while undertaking executive roles within larger scale dairy farm businesses.

Throughout his executive and governance roles Mike has focused on developing simple strategies to create long term value for shareholders and worked with a team of highly capable people to execute the strategy. This experience has not been without its failures and challenges, which have created the opportunity to improve and execute better. Mike works on the principles that full transparency, providing quality and timely information and promoting the ability to challenge the status quo, are all necessary attributes of any organisations that create long term value.

Mike is recognised as someone who is very well organised, can assimilate complex issues quickly and efficiently, develop credible solutions through a process of robust analysis, discussion and independent thought and get on with making things happen.

His personal mantra is “to be the best that I can be” in whatever he does - being unaffected, being authentic, having integrity, and facing problems squarely help him make a difference to do the right thing.

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