July 27, 2018

Julie Pirie

Fonterra Alumni 2017 - 2018

Julie has been involved in the dairy industry all her life, and her family have been for many generations. Julie’s career following university was as a Consulting Officer.

Julie and Brian won the Hauraki Plains/Coromandel Dairy farmer of the year competition in 1997, and have maintained a highly productive and profitable business over the years.

With an industry good background it’s not surprising that Julie promotes the dairy industry whenever possible. An interest in promoting farming to young people has led to many opportunities, most recently as Chair of the Donald Pearson Farm in Brookby, Auckland.

Julie is a member of the Fonterra Shareholders Council. She is Chair of the Co-operative Culture committee and represents Fonterra on the NZ Dairy Industry Awards Trust.

Julie’s passion is dairy farming, and she is enjoying encouraging young people into dairy farming, promoting the industry and continuing to take an innovative approach to challenges around environment, and sustainability in dairy farming.

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