Johanna has a Doctor of Education, Masters of Educational Studies (Mathematics), Bachelor of Arts, and a Diploma of Teaching.

She is a trained secondary teacher, who worked off-farm until 2009 and is currently a Director of Northbrook Enterprises Ltd.

Johanna’s educational life includes nine years as a secondary principal as well as facilitation roles with Massey University and Auckland University in teacher/principal professional learning, and the design, implementation and evaluation of short course for international study groups.

Since completing the Fonterra Governance Development Programme, Johanna has taken up a number of voluntary governance roles and would welcome the opportunity to contribute further to governance in the primary industry sector.

Johanna has a number of board/trust appointments: Oceania Fifa Council Member, President of New Zealand Football, Member of the Lotteries Manawatu/Whanganui Community Committee, Chair of the Lutheran Church of New Zealand Council of Synod, Chair of LCNZ Finance Advisory, Trustee of the Feilding Civic Centre Trust, Member of the Hiwinui Community Committee, and member of the Queen Elizabeth College Foundation Educational Trust.

Her previous roles include Chair of Central Football (2010 – 2018), Member Central Football (2006 -2010), Member of the Mature Employment Support Agency (2000-2002), Chair of the Redsox Manawatu Sports Club Committee (2009-2010) and President of the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (1998-2001).

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