Dylan Ditchfield

Fonterra Alumni 2016 - 2017

Dylan has experience in community and regional organisations, serving as either a board or committee member and holding several chair roles.

Dylan, his wife Sheree and their three teenage children live on a 520 cow once-a-day dairy farm in Northern Southland. Dylan and Sheree have invested in, and been involved with, numerous dairying operations, ranging from sharemilking 150 cows to an equity partnership of 1400 cows and multi-farm ownerships.

Dylan and Sheree aspire to a vision of “Positively Impacting People” and are actively pursuing this through a course they have developed for couples in business in agriculture with the aim of establishing better resilience and growth strategies.

Dylan says he’s come to realise that if you want to make a real difference in people’s lives and organisations, you need to have influence at the top. That’s why he completed the Fonterra Governance Development programme. He says the programme has hugely impacted his governance knowledge and understanding, giving him the confidence to now look directorship roles in organisation that he’s passionate about.   

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