David is committed to strong and positive governance of New Zealand companies. The diverse range of roles he has undertaken have given him a broad understanding of governance and the many challenges that confront directors.

David has been involved in the governance of a range of company activities - genetics, information technology, retail, manufacturing, legislation change, fuel, feed milling and grain trading, international sales, kiwifruit packing and cool-storage and research and development. David is currently a Director of LIC and Farmlands and Chair of Expressway Orchards GP.

He has an agricultural degree and a postgraduate diploma from Massey University and has completed extra-mural accounting and management papers.

David started as a Consulting Officer for the NZ Dairy Board in the Waikato and then Canterbury.

He and his wife developed a dairy farming business just outside Tauranga in 1992. They now milk 700 cows and have developed three kiwifruit orchards with both green and gold kiwifruit varieties.

David is a member of the Directors Institute. His wife is a Magistrate and their two daughters are at Victoria University. The family is well travelled and well placed to add value to NZ society.

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