July 27, 2018

Dan Jex-Blake

Fonterra Alumni 2017 - 2018

Dan Jex-Blake is the Managing Director of Mangapoike Ltd - a pastoral farming company that farms sheep and beef on a 2209 ha effective land base in the Gisborne region.

Dan has had a life-long career in farming; progressing through the ranks until taking up an opportunity on family land in 1990. Since then he and his wife Tam have grown the business to its current state as well as diversifying into 21 ha of citrus and 40 ha of forestry.

Dan has had considerable involvement within the sheep & beef industry; beyond the farm gate, advocating for positive change - both in the Wool and Red Meat Sector.

This culminated in him successfully standing for the Silver Fern Farms Board. He has been a Director since January 2014 and has governed the company through a challenging and transformational period.

Dan now sits on both the SFF co-op Board as well as the SFF Ltd Partnership Board (alongside four others from the Co-op Board and five from Shanghai Maling).

Dan also represents SFF Ltd as an appointed director to the Farm IQ Board.

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