Good together

We are good together

This is our new guiding philosophy that brings together our purpose, values and strategy. These are the foundation of our Co-operative and can be summed up in two simple words – Good Together.

It brings together the best of who we are and what we do. It is the lens through which all our behaviours, decisions and choices need to be made.

We need to start asking ourselves each day ‘how does what I am doing deliver on Good Together?’ and be clear on how this goes from words on a page to simply just what we do and how we show up every day. We are good people, doing good things. You, me, us together. Tātou, tātou.

Our purpose is why we are Good Together

Our Co-operative,
Empowering people
To create goodness
for generations.
You, me, us together
Tātou, tātou

Our Co-operative is our pride, our passion, the essence of who we all are as one. Empowering people is how we help each other reach our full potential.

To create goodness for generations is the positive impact we make to lives here, and around the world through our product and know how.

You, me, us together is our fundamental belief that we all matter – and through diversity of thought we're good together.

Tātou, tātou connects us all spiritually and emotionally with our unique Aotearoa New Zealand heritage. In Te Reo, it means “we are one, all of us together, and we will be forever connected.”

Our values are how we are Good Together

Tātou, tātou. We’re a Co-operative. And we’re here to create Good Together. 

The good we create? It’s for people and place. Through manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga. For today, and tomorrow. To leave things better than we found them.

We create good through who we are. Through how we think, act and feel. Because we think differently and challenge boundaries. We do what’s right because it feels right.

And then we make it happen, together. These are our values. Our values are us. Like us, they don't work on their own. They work together.

Our co-operative spirit. The embodiment of whanaungatanga is what binds us, and connects us to people and place. Tātou, tātou. It’s how we create Good Together.

Do what’s right

We act with care, empathy, and respect and we hold ourselves and others to high standards.

Co-operative spirit

We pitch in and work as one connected team to create goodness together.

Make it happen

We deliver on our commitments and live all our values in everything we do.

Challenge boundaries

We are progressive, open-minded and always eager to uncover new ways of working to benefit everyone in our Co-op.

Our strategy is what we do to deliver on Good Together

Our simple aim is to create greater value for our farmers, customers, consumers and our communities through three simple goals – Healthy People, a Healthy Environment, and a Healthy Business.

That's why we’ll prioritise New Zealand milk, and do what we do best. Even in our fast-changing world – people everywhere still want high-quality dairy that’s good for them, and the planet.

We’ll keep driving innovation to develop the nutritional value of our milk, while focusing on our main growth areas: Core Dairy (cheese, butter, cream, milk), Foodservice, Paediatrics, Sports & Active and Medical & Ageing.

Our scale, our smarts, and our insights, will power our approach to safety, quality and efficiency. And together we will continue to be sustainable in everything we do from farm through to customer, which is good for everyone.