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Fonterra current credit rating status.

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Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P) has rated Fonterra, A- / Outlook stable
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Fitch Australia Pty Limited (Fitch) has rated Fonterra, A / Outlook stable

Retail Bonds and Capital Notes.

Fonterra has Retail Bonds and Capital Notes on the issue and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange Debt Market (NZDX). To buy or sell Retail Bonds / Capital Notes, please contact your broker.

Retails Bonds have been rated the same as the Company by both S&P and Fitch. Capital Notes which are subordinate to other Fonterra debt issued are rated BBB+ by S&P and A- by Fitch.

  Retail bond Retail bond   Capital note
NZDX code FCG030 FCG040 FCG050 FCGHA
Documentation Terms sheet Terms sheet Terms sheet Investment statement 

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Further documentation of interest

Capital notes deed of amendment and restatement - PDF, 2.6 MB

Capital notes initial supplemental deed - PDF, 866.3 kB

Master trust deed - PDF,

Supplemental trust deed (No. 11) - PDF, 241.0 kB

Supplemental trust deed (No. 14) - PDF, 270.0 kB

Supplemental trust deed (No. 16) - PDF, 211.2 kB

Supplemental trust deed (No. 19) - PDF,

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Dividend and distribution reinvestment plans.

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