At Fonterra, we help out our communities where we can.

Partnering with Sanitarium and the New Zealand Government means all of us can help create goodness for generations and give children the best start to the day – a nutritious breakfast.

We value the part we play in our community and being part of this programme helps us to forge strong relationships, grow future leaders while making valuable nutrition available to our tamariki.

The initial aim of providing a nutritious breakfast for kids who might otherwise not get that has been achieved. But, what has exceeded expectations are the communities in and out of the schools that have developed from the breakfast clubs and some of the intangible qualities that have come with that – care, nurturing, confidence and connection. We feel fortunate (and a little proud) to be playing a role in these communities. 


KickStart Breakfast

KickStart Breakfast is about feeding young minds to fuel our future with the support of the community. It all starts with breakfast!  For further information about the KickStart Breakfast programme view their website.

10-year milestone

The KickStart Breakfast programme will tomorrow celebrate 10-years as the only national breakfast programme of its kind in Aotearoa, serving more than 30 million breakfasts since 2009.

Ministry of Social Development Deputy Chief Executive, Marama Edwards, says MSD and its partners were proud to see KickStart Breakfast grow from 400 schools serving breakfast two days a week in 2013 to more than 1,000 schools serving 30,000 breakfasts every day.

"All children should be able to have a good nutritious start to their school day,"

Marama Edwards

Ministry of Social Development Deputy Chief Executive

What we are doing

We have served more than 30 million breakfasts, and runs in more than 1000 schools nationwide.

2018 KickStart Breakfast Unsung Hero, Putaruru Primary School

3 minute watch

2016 KickStart Breakfast Student Champion: Bryn Boyes, Motueka High School

3 minute watch

10 years of Kickstart Breakfast: a lot more than full pukus

For 10 years we’ve been partnering to help provide nutritious breakfasts to Kiwi kids. Mike Cronin explains how the KickStart Breakfast programme delivers more than you’d expect...

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