Future Owners

We’re creating a more inclusive pathway to becoming a Co-op member where share milkers, contract milkers and farm lessors could buy and sell shares as associated shareholders.
Future Owners

We will introduce additional eligibility guidelines to set out criteria such as who will qualify as an associated shareholder. 

The guiding principle will be that, because associated shareholders are not the supplier of milk to our Co-op under our Terms of Supply, they will only be eligible to own dry shares allocated to them by their supplying shareholder. These shares will not carry any votes given they will not be backed by milk supply.

Why have we made this change? 

You told us that providing pathways for future owners to become part of our Co-op is important to recognising the critical role they play in our industry.

By enabling farmers who are associated with a supplying shareholder to hold shares in our Co-op it will help support buy-side demand and liquidity in the farmer-only market.

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Capped Fund

  • Future Owners

  • Extended Exits

  • Easing Entry

Giving all supplying farmer owners more flexibility in the number of shares they hold.

Capping the Fonterra Shareholders' Fund (Fund) and moving to a farmer-only market.

Creating a more inclusive pathway to becoming a Co-op member where Sharemilkers, Contract Milkers and Farm Lessors could buy and sell shares as associated farmer owners.

Providing greater choice about how long farmer owners retain an investment in the Co-op after they cease supply.

Easing entry provisions to allow new entrants (or existing supplying farmer owners who have a material increase in milk supply) six seasons to achieve their 33% Minimum Holding.