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This is where you can find a variety of news, views, insights and initiatives from subject matter experts from here and abroad on water quality and climate change.

The information and different viewpoints do not represent any official position of Fonterra. Rather, the purpose is to contribute to the national discussions on these issues with well sourced information and informed opinions.

Collaboration will deliver better outcome than one size fits all regulation

Ian Proudfoot, KPMG’s International's Global Head of Agribusiness based in Auckland, New Zealand, discusses the challenges and opportunities for NZ’s ‘producers’.

Finding a better way to achieve our sustainability goals on farm

Charlotte Rutherford, Fonterra’s General Manager of Sustainable Dairying is always looking for new ways to support the Co-op’s farmers in achieving their sustainability goals. 

What we are doing

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For each catchment, there’s a summary of the catchment context, main water quality issues, our aims there, who we’re partnering with, and what we’ve been supporting on the ground to make improvements.

How is your region improving water quality?

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Sustainability reports

Our 2019 Sustainability Report underlines our commitment to sustainability, while also recognising there is more work to be done.

You can read all of our Sustainability Reports here:

Clean Rivers - AMA live stream on Water

46:06 min