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Does Fonterra accept paper applications?

No. We use an online application process only.


Am I able to email my CV directly to the consultant recruiting the position?

No. Even if you email your CV to the consultant recruiting the position, you will still be directed to the online application as there are a set of disclosure questions that you need to answer before your application can be processed.


I cannot attach my CV what should I do?

This could be because the file is too large or is not in a supported format. Delete any pictures you have on your CV and make sure it is in one of these formats:

  • MS Word (*.doc)
  • MS Works (*.wps)
  • Adobe (*.pdf)
  • Text files (*.txt)

Files cannot be larger than 5MB.


Why can’t I register as a new user on the website?

There are four main reasons this happens:


1. You have already registered as a user with this email address. Select ‘forgot my password’ and a link and access code will be sent to your email address. Click on the link or copy and paste the access code into a new browser window.

2. Your email address may already be taken by another candidate, which means you need to create a new one.

3. Check that your username is also unique and has no spaces. Remember, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

4. Your password does not fulfil the full requirements. Passwords need to be at least six characters long and must contain a mix of numbers and letters."

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How are Fonterra vacancies advertised?

We advertise either online or in print. We also approach candidates from our existing talent pools – for this reason it is important that you keep your contact details and CV up to date.


How are candidates selected once an online application has been completed?

Candidates are assessed on a case-by-case basis against specific criteria set by the hiring manager. Candidates who rate highest against the criteria are brought forward to the next step in the recruitment process.


Who will I be dealing with during the recruitment process?

  • Sourcing Consultants – they are responsible for advertising jobs and reviewing applications. They will conduct the initial phone interview with you and will prepare you for the hiring manager interview should you be successful. They will also conduct reference checks.
  • Administrators – they are responsible for booking the following processes: hiring manager interviews, psychometric testing, skills-based assessments and pre-employment medicals (if applicable). They are also responsible for sending out relevant documentation for all other background checks (excluding references).
  • Recruitment Business Partners – they are often present during interviews with hiring managers and will be onsite for skills-based assessments.


What happens if I am successful?

You will progress to the next stage in our recruitment process.


What happens if my application is not successful?

You will be notified by email by our recruitment team.  In many cases, due to the high volume of applications, we are not able to provide individual feedback after the initial application. If you are interviewed for a position at Fonterra you will receive feedback from us as to why you were not successful.


I applied for a role but have not heard anything. What is happening?

If your application was successfully submitted you will have received a confirmation. Following this please refer to the recruitment process. While this process may take some time, it is our intention to respond to all applications within a timely manner. If you did not receive a confirmation email when you applied, log into your profile and ensure all steps were completed.


If I have submitted a General Application, does this mean I have applied for a job?

No. This simply lets us know that you are interested in working for Fonterra. If we have a current job that matches your skill set, we will contact you immediately to discuss. If there is no current job available, your details will still be stored on our database and when an appropriate role does become available, we will be in touch. Alternatively you can join our talent community and we’ll keep you informed about what is happening here at Fonterra.


What happens if I am unable to attend my interview or want to withdraw my application?

You must contact our recruitment team as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend your interview due to unforeseen circumstances, we will try and reschedule.


Who covers the cost for travel to interviews?

Unless otherwise stated, candidates are expected to cover any costs associated with attending their interview.


When will I receive an offer of employment?

We do not make offers verbally, although we may discuss aspects including location, salary/wage, and possible start dates, with you over the telephone or by email. Please note that job offers are only made after employment checks are completed. You will then be sent a contract which will include other information required for you to make an informed decision.

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Assessment and checks


What are the different types of employment on offer?

  • Permanent full time: No specified end date and working a full working week.
  • Permanent part-time: No specified end date, and working less than a full working week.
  • Casual: On-call employment with no set or fixed hours where the employee is called in ‘as required’ for work.
  • Fixed-term: An employment agreement for a specified timeframe with a set finish date.


Who is eligible to work for Fonterra?

All successful candidates will be required to show entitlement to work in the country to which they have applied to work in prior to commencing employment with us.


Does Fonterra hire applicants who hold working visas?

Yes. If your visa fits within the criteria of the role you have applied for, then we can hire you. However. If  your visa does not fit the criteria of the role you have applied for, then we cannot legally hire you. It’s important that you understand the restrictions and rules associated with your working visa. 


Does Fonterra hire applicants with student visas?

Yes, but only if your student visa allows you to work legally while you’re studying.


Does Fonterra sponsor international applicants?

At times it may be possible to sponsor candidates for certain roles but this will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please note that any sponsorship will be in line with the immigration policy of the country which you are applying to work in.

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