Butter Is Back

For a multitude of cultures around the globe, butter has been used as a natural way to enhance the flavour of almost any dish, from delicate pastries to hearty casseroles. It has also provided the foundation for frying, baking, food preservation, medical remedies and more.

People who moved away from using butter in the 70s and 80s are returning. Leading the way are food enthusiasts seeking enhanced flavours in their home cooking. A growing interest in more natural ingredients and the enthusiastic, continued use of butter by celebrity chefs is driving this trend.

Nutritionists are now telling the world to eat ‘real food’ that is as close to nature as possible. New Zealand butter fulfils this brief. It is just a churn away from the full cream cow’s milk that is collected twice a day by our world leading dairy farmers.

Clean, fresh buttery flavour

Butter has a unique flavour that is impossible to imitate. What’s more, it contains delicious flavour compounds that are enhanced during baking and frying, improving the already delicious natural flavour.

Nothing can compare to croissants or pastries made with pure butter! Intensely buttery with a natural dairy sweetness. Butter creates layers and height for baked goods, such as croissants and Danish pastries. It brings moisture to pastries, helping them stay fresh for longer.

In addition to imparting a ‘gourmet’ image, butter performs a variety of functions in baked products. When creamed with sugar, butter helps cakes to rise because the butterfat traps air, which expands when heated. It also helps to develop gluten for yeast-raised items, and contributes to flavour, texture and shelf-life.

Butter is a fantastic flavour carrier for spices as it absorbs natural flavours and helps to uniformly distribute them. Butter’s wonderful cooked caramel flavour creates the perfect base for ingredients like onion and garlic.

Butter melts well, dissolves completely and has a creamy texture that provides a beautiful mouthfeel. It is also the delicious, rich base for the world’s most famous sauces – béarnaise, béchamel and beurre blanc.

Only butter tastes like butter

There’s a reason why famous chefs never stopped using butter, even during the anti-butter years. It tastes wonderful, and it makes other foods taste wonderful too.

In the words of celebrity chef Julia Child, “With enough butter, anything is good.” Butter is the ultimate food enhancer – the preferred fat to use for so many culinary masterpieces.

Butter has a unique and valuable natural flavour – regarded as the ‘Gold Standard.’ It is difficult to imitate because it is a complex combination of many compounds that occur naturally in butter. Competitors attempt to match and replicate it synthetically, but so far this has proven impossible. 

Some of the most important flavour compounds in butter are only released during exposure to higher temperatures. These flavour compounds are stable in the butter during storage, but during baking and cooking they generate the most delicious, baked-through buttery flavours that we are all familiar with. Most other fat sources cannot provide this delicious flavour.

New Zealand butter amplifies all these benefits because it’s made from fresh milk from pasture raised cows. Our butter has a fuller, richer, creamier flavour and a very satisfying mouthfeel.

Butter has always been naturally good

For a short period in the history of butter, some people lost faith in its natural goodness. It was a time when synthetic products were often assumed to be better than those provided by nature.

Today, many assumptions made during the 70s and 80s aren’t holding up anymore and people are returning to a more natural way of eating. We also better understand the importance of a balanced diet that embraces rich, natural foods in moderation.


A fresh start with dairy

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