A Fresh Start With Dairy

Join us as we explore the goodness of world class dairy, produced right here in New Zealand. We have gathered information, evidence and facts that will make you see the dairy we’re so proud of, the same way we do: full of natural, delicious goodness.

Start the year right

If you have a new year’s resolution to eat a little healthier, dairy products can play an important and delicious part of a balanced healthy diet.

Myth busting

What if we told you that fat doesn’t make you fat and dairy product don’t increase the risk of heart disease? That’s just two of the myths linked to dairy that we're debunking.


If we want healthy bones that stay strong as we age, it’s essential to eat plenty of calcium rich foods, like dairy, while we’re still kids and in our teens.

The original sports drink

A glass of milk might be just what you need for a post workout boost – full of nutrients including high quality protein to help your muscles grow and recover quickly.


Whether it’s for baking or cooking, there are few ingredients like butter that can bring such a rich, natural flavour to the table. No wonder that butter is once again a favourite across the globe.

The simplicity of milk

People around the world continue to move towards simple, natural food. We’re proud to say that we’re producing just that – simple, good dairy from a simply beautiful place called New Zealand.