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Our Co-operative Podcast

Host Richard Allen, Group Director of Farm Source, chats to some of our good sorts working around the world.

Our Co-op is a worldwide whānau made up of wonderful people. “Our Co-operative” podcast series introduces those people to our farmers and employees.

Hear about their daily life, exciting trends they see in dairy, and most of all their passion for sharing the story of New Zealand milk.

In the latest episode Richard Allen chats with Brett Henshaw, Managing Director of Fonterra Brands NZ.

After a few interviews from around the globe, this episode brings us back to Aotearoa where Rich chats with Brett Henshaw. Brett is the Managing Director of Fonterra Brands New Zealand, a.k.a. the part of Fonterra who make and sell all of the yum brands that we can buy at our local supermarkets and dairies.

Rich interviews Kelvin Wickham, AMENA CEO and his first 'big boss' from a few years back. AMENA is a large and diverse region, covering Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North Asia, and the Americas (that's a lot of the world to try and cover in 25 minutes).

Kelvin talks about the EU market and our specialised, advanced ingredients play there.

Rich interviews Angela Du, Fonterra Anchor Food Professionals Marketing Director based in China. Angela astounds us with stats about the size and growth of the Chinese foodservice market and the future opportunity, and Rich gets nostalgic for his time in China working with this team and eating hotpot soup.

Episode 3: Rich and Geoff Meyer, GM of Global Foodservice Channel

Rich interviews Geoff Meyer, Fonterra Global GM of Channel Foodservice. We have all heard of the tea macchiato craze in China, and Geoff beams in from Singapore to tell us that that is something on the horizon that may sound even more bizarre to our NZ tastebuds than cream cheese on tea!

Episode 2: Rich and Tim Smith, USA Sales Director

Rich interviews Tim Smith, Fonterra Sales Director for the USA. With a love of sports linking life in Chicago to NZ, there are sill some differences and Tim talks through daily and dairy life in the US. *Recorded late 2019*

Episode 1: Rich and Teh-Han Chow, Greater China CEO

Rich interviews Teh-Han, Greater China CEO. In late March, China are ahead of the rest of the world in their COVID-19 response and recovery and Teh-Han talks to Rich about what it has been like to live and work through the lockdown, and touch on some business impacts.

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