Complementary Nutrition

Complementary Nutrition

Global demand for food likely met by a range of complementary sources.

The world is facing a significant challenge in feeding its growing population, with increasing demand for higher protein and energy diets. At the same time, consumers’ are increasingly favouring foods which are produced as naturally and sustainably as possible. That’s both an opportunity and challenge for food producers, and one we’re well placed to help address.

As a global dairy nutrition Co-operative, we’re committed to innovative, sustainable food production and providing strong returns to our farmers and unitholders. That’s why we’re exploring the potential opportunities of the complementary ingredients sector, and the way in which they might provide customers and consumers with more options and help meet the world’s growing global demand for protein.

Dairy is much more than just a source of protein. It has a unique, complex mix of proteins, fats, lactose, minerals and other nutrients which will ensure global consumers continue to seek it out as a premium source of nutrition. However, it alone will not be able to meet the increasing demand for protein.

We’re proactively working with a wide range of world-leading organisations, including Universities and established food companies to explore the potential of plant nutrition and fermentation-derived nutrition, and over time these ingredients may play a role in our business alongside our core natural dairy business.

As a country, we produce some of the world’s best dairy, and when combined with Fonterra’s reputation in dairy nutrition and protein, and our global supply chain, we believe we’re well positioned to explore the potential of this complementary sector.