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Programme overview

There are two stages to the Governance Development Programme.

Participants attending Workshop One who wish to continue and complete the full Governance Development Programme will be asked to submit an Expression of Interest for the next stage of the programme.

This, along with other criteria and input will be used as part of the assessment process considered by the Governance Development Committee when selecting participants for Stage Two.

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Programme goals

By the end of the programme, participants will have achieved the following:

  • Increased their understanding of governance including the duties of Board directors, best practice governance and areas of potential risk.
  • Developed their capability for critical and reflective thinking within governance contexts.
  • Enhanced their leadership skills and competencies.
  • Gained greater insights into personality styles and how these can be used to effect change.
  • Gained a more in-depth understanding of Fonterra’s business and co-operative issues.
  • Established a network of peers.
  • Developed a ‘toolkit’ to apply to their own business.


Stage One

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Prior to Workshop One, participants complete the online Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and receive a briefing on personality type from a certified MBTI practitioner. This psychometric test provides a framework for participants to understand their personality style, competencies and preferences. Participants also gain an understanding of different personality types and how to work with different types to optimise decision making and effecting organisational change.

Workshop One – Introduction to governance

This two-day workshop, facilitated by Massey University’s College of Business, focuses on developing awareness and understanding of the key requirements for governance effectiveness. On the course participants will hear presentations and participate in discussions on topics including decision making, finance, governance in co-operatives, governance versus management, governance versus representation, effective board practice and risk.


Stage Two

If participants are interested in undertaking Stage Two of the programme, participants will be asked to submit an Expression of Interest at the close of the Stage One workshop. Along with participants expression of Interest, input will be obtained from the Stage One workshop facilitators and participants, peers to determine which participants will be invited to move through to Stage Two.

Workshop 2 – Develop governance capability

The focus of this workshop, facilitated by Massey University’s College of Business, is to further increase governance subjects and participants will also participate in a board meeting scenario.

You will hear presentations, undertake governance case study reviews and participate in a board simulation exercise. Topics covered will include finance and performance, strategy, legal and fiduciary duties of the director and negotiation and influence in the boardroom.

Distance learning

The workshop includes a distance learning component where participants complete up to two book and two movie reviews relating to governance and business. Participants' reviews will focus on the lessons learned and how these can be applied to Fonterra’s governance.

Group discussions on the book and movie reviews are held following completion of the reviews. In addition, the course makes use of a learning journal where participants can record their progress, your growing self-awareness and their insights into governance.

Workshop 3 - Governance in our context

The focus of this workshop is on applying governance knowledge and capability to Fonterra. You will hear about different aspects of Fonterra’s business including strategy, finance, international trade, the supply chain and sustainability from Fonterra Directors and management. You’ll participate in interactive discussions and undertake a Fonterra specific case study. Participants will also attend the Experienced Governors’ Panel, a forum where New Zealand business leaders share their personal experiences and perspectives on governance.


Participants receive telephone coaching throughout the course. These sessions are a checkpoint to ensure progress is being made and will also provide participants with a forum to talk about their own governance journey and development process.

Progress reports

The Governance Development Committee monitors participant’s progress throughout the duration of the programme. While on the programme, participants are asked to submit regular progress reports. The purpose of these reports is to encourage each participant to take ownership of their development and reflect on their learning’s.


Programme calendar


Stage Components Date Duration
One Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Assessment (online) September Up to two hours
One Workshop One – Introduction to Governance October Two days
Two Distance Learning
(book and/or movie review, tutorial, coaching, report)
December - February As required
Two Workshop Two – Developing Governance Capability March Three days
Two Distance Learning
(book and/or movie review, tutorial, coaching, report)
April - August Three days
Two Workshop Three – Governance in our Context October Three days



The Governance Development Programme is open to shareholders associated with Fonterra, namely:

  • A Fonterra shareholder;
  • A herd-owning sharemilker supplying Fonterra;
  • A shareholder of a company that is a Fonterra shareholder;
  • A member of a partnership that is a Fonterra shareholder;
  • A person having a legal or beneficial interest in, or a right or entitlement to participate directly in the distributions of, a body corporate that is a Fonterra shareholder.

For further information on the Fonterra Governance Development Programme, please contact the Programme manager at: Governancedevelopment@Fonterra.com

Alumni biographies

Fonterra supports their graduating alumni through annual programmes designed to foster a strong governance network, maintain governance capability and support a culture of continuing professional development.

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