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Andrew Reymer

Fonterra Alumni 2014 - 2015

Andrew’s entrepreneurial vision and willingness to embrace change are key strengths, with the ability to connect big picture vision, while understanding day-to-day challenges. He enjoys questioning the status quo, and mapping new directions.

Andrew’s governance positions include being a Director and Shareholder of Ohaupo Dairies Ltd, GL Events Ltd and Chair of the Community Hall Committee. He is looking to broaden his governance experience and add value to NZ’s rural industry. Andrew is passionate about dairying, its heritage and its future for New Zealand, particularly from a governance and representation position.

Agriculture is a passion and this has seen Andrew travel the world working with farmers, from the US, Europe and China. Andrew believes the simple common thread of a farmer, their crops/animals, their family’s livelihood and marketing their produce, is fundamental across the board and links agriculture around the globe Born and bred in the dairy industry Andrew is a strong supporter of the co-operative system and has seen, over the generations, the strength this has brought to the industry.

Andrew and his wife Liz have three teenage sons. The family lives on the farm, employing equity managers, and takes an active role in strategic management.

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