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Code of Conduct and Policies

We're committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and leadership.

Code of Business Conduct and Policies.

We want to be the world’s most trusted source of dairy nutrition. And to get there, we need to earn this trust from all our stakeholders – from our farmer shareholders to our employees, and from our customers to our consumers. We can only achieve this if we all do what’s right, every day, everywhere across our Co-operative.

Fonterra Group Privacy Policy 

Consistently ensuring we do what’s right to protect privacy is fundamental to the integrity of our business.  Our Privacy Policy sets out our commitments to respect the privacy of our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders from whom we collect personal information. 

Fonterra Group Privacy Policy

- PDF, 110.9 kB

The Way We Work (Code of Business Conduct)

Our Code of Business Conduct helps us make the right decisions at work. The code reflects our values, outlines expected behaviour and conduct and translates our commitments into actions that guide our daily activities as indicated in our Group Policies.

The Way We Work

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Disclosure Policy

Fonterra is committed to promoting a well-informed and efficient market in its shares, units issued by the Fonterra Shareholders' Fund, and debt securities.

Fonterra Group Disclosure Policy

- PDF, 149.5 kB

Fonterra Group Disclosure Standard

- PDF, 295.6 kB

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce enables us to deliver against our Ambition, live by our Fonterra values and do what’s right.

Diversity and Inclusion

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Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy

Our people are our greatest asset.  Providing a safe and healthy work environment where everyone is able to return home safe is part of our duty of care to our people, contractors and visitors.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy

- PDF, 112.1 kB

Environmental Policy

We’re committed to supporting strong healthy environments by taking an integrated approach to the management of all environmental aspects relevant to our activities - including water, climate and energy, waste and pollution prevention across our global value chain.

Fonterra Group Environmental Policy

- PDF, 63.5 kB

Ethical Behavior Policy

This policy provides clear parameters for employees in matters relating to ethical behaviour. These parameters include actual or potential conflict of interest situations, which may include personal and family relationships, gifts and corporate hospitality/entertainment, corruption, and the disclosure of fraudulent and unlawful activity.

Fonterra Group Ethical Behavior Policy

- PDF, 132.5 kB

Securities Trading Policy

This document details Fonterra’s policy on, and rules for trading in, the following securities (“Restricted Securities”):

  • Fonterra's co-operative shares listed on the Fonterra Shareholders' Market ("Shares");
  • Fonterra’s listed capital notes;
  • Fonterra’s retail bonds;
  • any other listed securities of Fonterra or its subsidiaries from time to time; and
  • units issued by the Fonterra Shareholders' Fund ("Units") listed on the NZX Main Board and the ASX.

Fonterra Group Securities Trading Policy

- PDF, 172.2 kB

Fonterra Group Securities Trading Standard

- PDF, 226.4 kB

Tax Principles  

This document explains our approach to tax and the Principles that guide how we manage our tax obligations in New Zealand and around the world.

Tax Principles

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